The Importance of Faith

Faith is to believe in God (Buddha). Faith is the hardest thing to possess in this world, and yet it is faith that is the most important thing for human beings. Faith leads us to true happiness – the kind of happiness which cannot be destroyed by everlastingly changing circumstances and conditions of this world. Here, at Happy Science, we acknowledge the existence of many High Spirits, gods and goddesses, but we emphasize faith in Lord El Cantare – the supreme Lord of the Earth in whom God and Buddha are united.

“Faith is something that clashes easily with the common sense of this world. A religion that tries to reconcile with the common sense of the secular world is easy to live by and causes little friction. Nevertheless, faith can be faith only, because it shows clearly about the world beyond this one. It indicates, and explains clearly about otherworldly values, values that surpass the secular. It is capable of presenting the Truth that cannot be found in this world. That is why faith and the secular are inevitably in conflict with each other.”

From the book: My Lover, Cross the Valley of Tears

God (Buddha) encourages the spiritual evolution of humankind via the process of reincarnation. One day we all will leave this three-dimensional world and return to the Spirit World. The things of this world are all transient and cannot be taken back to the Real World. Faith is the only thing that can be taken back with us to the Real World. Faith opens the gate of heaven. Unless we believe that we are spiritual beings, and the Spirit World is the Real World, we cannot return to heaven. The level of our faith determines the height of the heavenly realm we can reach.

Faith is the key to eternal happiness

The easier it becomes to live in this world, the easier it is to lose faith. When a civilization develops and becomes convenient, there is an increase in the number of people who become arrogant and forget the existence of God (Buddha) and High Spirits. When this happens, there is an increase in the number of people who cannot return to Heaven. Thus, during our life on this earth, it is essential to understand that God (Buddha) exists, that human beings are children of God (Buddha), and to lead our lives in accordance with God’s (Buddha’s) will. It is important to understand the perspectives of both: this world and the Real World when considering our lives. First we should believe, and then integrate our faith with conduct and practice.

Faith means loving God. When we love God we become one with Him and the natural tendencies possessed by God become a part of our own nature. Faith is to accept that we are children of God and God is the father from whom we originate. Having faith means believing in things that are not visible, such as love and noble ideals, and being able to base our actions upon them. Faith is a standard which separates human beings from animals and a virtue we should never let go of regardless of whether it is convenient for us or not. Faith is the key to eternal happiness – true happiness, which continues from this world to the next.

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