Many spiritual teachings are complicated and difficult to understand. At Happy Science, we are aware of the need to offer teachings in a step-by-step way so that every person, young and old, can experience positive benefits in their own level of learning.

What is the essential Truth that everyone should know?

There are thousands of teachings at Happy Science but the very first thing everyone must know is that we have a soul. The soul is our real self, therefore, satisfying your physical desires alone will not bring you real happiness. The way to living a happy and bright life is through the exploration and practice of the four Principles of Happiness.

The Principle of Love

When we give love, we discover that our thirst for love and happiness is eased. Love is also to believe in other people. If people are sons of the Devil, we could not love each other, but people are children of God. As such, we have to suppress some of our less admirable desires, and instead, be kind to those around us and try to live a life that is of benefit to them and to society as a whole.

The Principle of Wisdom

Wisdom means deep, life-knowledge and includes knowing spiritual facts and the Universal Truth. Knowledge is power. It provides us with the answers to solve our problems and relieve us from our worries. Furthermore, by knowing the Truth, we can transform our lives by turning our former problems into rewarding experience. In turn, the experience will allow us to speak words of wisdom to guide others.

The Principle of Self-reflection

We think that once a mistake is made, it is fixed forever in reality and cannot be altered. In a material sense, this is true. But what happens in the mind encompasses past, present and future. When we regret and truly repent on our actions, the mistake can not only be undone, but the blessings we receive for awakening to the Truth will far outweigh what we had before. Genuine self-reflection can offer far more than simple forgiveness and provide support, encouragement, power and energy.

The Principle of Progress

There are many methods to win or succeed whether in business or in life. The law of thought is that both good and bad thoughts will someday be manifested. By mastering love, wisdom, and self-reflection, we can find ourselves on the right path to progress: one in which the achievement of our goal will contribute to the happiness of all humankind.

Exploration of the Right Mind

Practicing the four principles of happiness (also known as the modern ‘Fourfold Path’) is called ‘the exploration of the right mind.’ Begin from any principle that appeals to you or you think you need to work on the most. From there it will be an upward spiral of spiritual growth.

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