Conversations with the Spirit World – A wealth of wisdom for a new spiritual era

Spiritual Messages (Reigen) are a collection of accounts from Ryuho Okawa’s divine intercession with spirits of historical and contemporary authority. Okawa’s ability to communicate with the Spirit World stems from his Great Enlightenment in 1981, enabling him the ability to channel with any spirit at-will, including the Guardian and Guiding Spirits of those who are living today.

The dual purpose of this intercession is to prove the existence of the Spirit World and to reveal the hidden spiritual influences behind current affairs. With this insight, Okawa aspires to teach peaceful interventions to conflicts that impact matters of politics, economy and religion. To share Okawa’s earnest message for peace, Happy Science publishes selections from Okawa’s channeling lectures to offer perspective on current events and to educate leaders, thinkers and visionaries – so they too may inspire positive social change. We invite you to learn more about Okawa’s Spiritual Messages and his extensive publications on self-development, faith and spirituality at your local Happy Science branch. A selection of Okawa’s spritual messages, published in English, is also available from Okawa Books.

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