In a Nutshell

Welcoming you all to our universal teachings of Truth

At Happy Science, we learn the universal Truth about ourselves, of life, the world and the universe to discover the infinite paths to happiness. No matter where you come from or what religion you may belong to Happy Science welcomes you to join and study these teachings together. With over 3,000 books and counting, it is a fountain of wisdom revealing the workings of the mind and the universe, unveiling the method to achieve great harmony between private and public happiness.

The Truth in a nutshell

One of the most important Truths about life is that Divinity exists. Furthermore, Heaven (the Spirit World) also exists, and our ‘real self’ is an existence that continues even after death as people’s souls are blessed with eternal life. During our life in this world, the happiness we seek must be one that bridges from this phenomenal world to the next.
“Humans have eternal life and that they are beings that reincarnate between this world and the other. This philosophy is, in fact, the greatest Truth that people must discover in their process of birth and life… their values will undergo a great change. They will experience a complete 180 degree reversal.”

From the book The Rebirth of Buddha

The universal questions: Who am I?

Although our physical life in this world is limited, our ‘real self’ is a unique but eternal existence incarnating many times between Heaven and Earth. You are a child of God or Buddha, hence, like a diamond in the rough, the more you refine and polish yourself, the more your soul will shine.

What is the purpose of life?

This material world that we all live in is a temporary but valuable place for us to polish and refine our soul. Life is a workbook in which the struggles and hardships we face are whetstones to deepen our wisdom and capacity to love. We are given the freedom to realize ourselves in any direction, but God or Buddha wills us to grow towards Him.

What is happiness?

The happiness that we should all seek is a harmony of personal and public happiness and one that is a balance between quiet happiness, which emphasizes contentment, and active happiness, which represents progress and development. In the Other World, where everyone goes after death, there is nothing but thought; what you actually think is who you are. If you want to know where you will go after you die, all you have to do is to look at the thoughts you had that day. Hell is a realm where everyone is only concerned about themselves. Heaven, on the other hand, is a place where people rejoice in seeing and making others happy. It is every person’s responsibility to develop a ‘Right Mind’ – a mind that is attuned to Heaven. By changing our thoughts, we can change our actions and bring real change to the world we live in now.

Why study Truth at Happy Science?

A soul is a spirit that is conscious of itself as a human being, so it is just natural that acquiring new spiritual knowledge brings a person intrinsic joy and happiness. Knowing the Truth and leading life according to it, helps us to overcome all setbacks, misfortunes; live happy and productive lives on earth and successfully return to our real home – the Spirit World. It can be said that “The Truth is a method for maintaining a healthy soul” (The Eternal Buddha). By studying the Truth and putting it into practice, we live our lives according to the Principle of Wisdom which is one of The Four Principles of Happiness.

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