Happy Science is a religion that brings Western and Eastern philosophy together; it combines the teachings of love and Western philosophies of progress with the Buddhist concept of ‘enlightenment’ as a way for people to refine their souls.

Seeking enlightenment above and saving others below

Happy Science upholds the idea that human beings have, in essence, the same nature as God or Buddha, and this innate nature can be developed through our own efforts. Therefore, the basic attitude required at Happy Science is to endeavor to seek enlightenment, or spiritual refinement, while, at the same time, acting on the spirit of helping and saving others.

The teachings of Buddhism

Buddhism was started by Gautama Siddhartha, Shakyamuni Buddha, 2500 years ago in India. The teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha is said to number over 84,000 – an almost inexhaustible abundance, meant to provide many ways to enlightenment for every individual.

The meaning of enlightenment

Enlightenment is to know your true self, to know the way the world works, and to know the purpose and mission of life. It is achieved in stages, in accordance with each person’s spiritual stature. In order to search for the way, to live one’s life through the mind of God or Buddha, constantly pursuing a pattern of life that follows the Truth, we are given the Eightfold Path and the notion of the stages in the development of love. The Eightfold Path is a day-by-day guide; anyone who follows it will undoubtedly progress – but do not expect to master it all in one lifetime, for it is a path that can take all eternity.

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