Paradoxical as it may sound, to believe is to acknowledge the Truth. What this means is that faith is to acknowledge the fact that the Universe and all life that resides in it was created and nurtured by the will of the Creator God or Primordial Buddha.

The dignity of human beings

Secular education commonly teaches us that human beings have evolved from an accident of nature. Human beings, however, are more than that as we are not just physical creatures bound within this material world. Human beings, and all existences in this universe, in essence, are spiritual forms of life that have been created from compassion and great purpose, and have branched off from the Creator God or Primordial Buddha – this fact is the basis of human dignity, of human rights, and the reason, deep in our hearts, we strive to seek goodness, beauty and truth. Therefore, the first and most important step for humans in living their life on this earth is to awaken to this sanctity and nobility, and to uphold reverence and faith; to feel and understand the preciousness of the world, and the interconnected oneness of all life. From there begins a journey to grow closer to the mind of God (Buddha) and be his hands and feet to bring happiness to every person in the world.

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