A Universal Religion for Today and for Future Generations

Happy Science is a global religion that aims to teach the truth about life, the world, and ourselves to inspire and give guidance in the 21st century and onwards. The founder, Master Ryuho Okawa, teaches the global and universal Truth of El Cantare, whose mission is to create harmony and prosperity for all people. The Principles of Happiness taught at Happy Science transcend nations, cultures and religions and are the key to resolving religious conflicts worldwide.
“We teach you how to be happy or how we can make others happy. We teach the method of creating happiness. That is the meaning of ‘Happy Science’.”

From: What’s Happy Science

What is our aim?

Happy Science aims to empower individuals to discover happiness for themselves and to spread it to their families, communities, countries, and the world. The grand mission of Happy Science is to create utopia – a world filled with love, peace, harmony and prosperity.
“I predict that the society of the future will base its learning and scientific advances on a philosophy that affirms the existence of the spirit world and reincarnation. What we need now is a religion that will make this possible and I am convinced that Happy Science is the only religion that can take on this weighty responsibility.”

From the book: The Laws of Prosperity

How does Happy Science bring happiness?

Image of the path of Happy ScienceUniversal happiness without the happiness of each individual is not possible, nor is personal happiness independent of the well-being of the whole. Each of us needs to first look within and take responsibility for our own happiness or unhappiness, the result of our thoughts and actions. We do this by learning and practicing the teachings of love, wisdom, self-reflection and progress and with the same Principles of Happiness, we work to spread happiness to others. These teachings embrace the core teachings of the world’s philosophies and religions yet transcend religion’s traditional boundaries to provide direction for the development of modern science, politics and management – a direction that keeps both progress and harmony in balance.
“Happy Science is the religion of the future. It is the religion that can edify the billions of inhabitants of the world today and do what Buddhism or Christianity can no longer do: bring salvation to the people in the modern era and of the future.”

From the book: The Laws of Prosperity

How Happy Science started

Master Ryuho Okawa at Tokyo DomeHappy Science (Japanese name “Kofuku-no-Kagaku”) was established in Japan in October 6th, 1986 by Master Ryuho Okawa who attained Great Enlightenment on March 23rd 1981. He began by publishing his findings on the principles of the mind and the truth of the Spirit World, which generated a following, culminating to an assembly of 50,000 people at Tokyo Dome on July 15th, 1991. Since that day, what Master Okawa described as “the graduate school of life” became a missionary movement to spread these teachings of happiness and salvation all over the world. Today, there are [include filepath=”media/shortcode/var_members.php”] members in over [include filepath=”media/shortcode/var_countries.php”] countries, and the number only continues to grow.

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