Master Okawa in Tokyo ShoshinkanMaster Ryuho Okawa is a living Buddha and a Savior. At the age of 24 he attained his great enlightenment and discovered his true mission – to bring happiness and the highest form of salvation to all of humankind. A savior announces himself to be a savior and there is no other proof. A true Savior takes full responsibility for such an announcement, and has boundless compassion to offer salvation to even those who do not believe. Even if Master Okawa is not able to complete his work in this lifetime, he is confident that the authenticity of his mission and his teachings will be proved over the course of time. However, the incarnation of the Savior is an extremely rare occurrence and a precious opportunity for our soul to make a great leap in its evolution. What we can learn in this lifetime is worth ten times more than when we live in an age without a Savior. We should give the right time and effort to explore his thoughts, teachings and to put them into daily practice. Through this diligent research we can each, individually, come to know the truth of who he is.
“The True Buddha is born as only one man, in one religion and in one age, there is only one who can teach the highest Truth for all the people.”

From the lecture: Into the World Beyond Description

Communications with High Spirits

Master Okawa has published countless spiritual messages from High Spirits in Heaven. Spiritual Messages published since the pioneer days of Happy Science include messages from many influential figures such as Jesus Christ, Moses, Zeus, Socrates, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Prince Shotoku, Immanuel Kant, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Helen Keller, Shakespeare and others, who once lived on earth and had a great impact on the history of humankind. Over 500 High Spirits, who shine brilliantly in their various fields, be it religion, thought, philosophy, politics, science, or the arts, are unified behind Master Ryuho Okawa and offer him their spiritual guidance and support. This is unprecedented in any world religion and a proof that Master Okawa’s spiritual entity has an authority and awareness that exceeds all others. The true name of this great spiritual existence is El Cantare – the supreme God of Earth, who leads and governs all spirits within it. Through publishing spiritual messages, Master Okawa, as a leader of Heaven, is also fulfilling the great responsibility of unifying the opinions of the High Spirits in order to settle the disputes from past civilizations and begin the creation of a new one.

Master Ryuho Okawa’s Past Incarnations

It is the third time in 300 million years of humankind’s history for the core consciousness of El Cantare to descend to earth. The first time he was called Alpha, and during his second incarnation his name was Elohim. However, his brother souls (branch spirits) have incarnated on earth more frequently and founded a new era and hope for humanity each time. These were his five past incarnations. Master Okawa’s past lives and brother souls.
  • 17,000 years ago – Ra Mu in Mu Continent
  • 12,000 years ago – Thoth in Atlantis
  • 7,000 years ago – Rient Arl Croud in ancient Inca Empire
  • 6,500 years ago – Ophealis in Greece
  • 4,300 years ago – Hermes in Greece, Crete Island
  • 2,500 years ago – Gautama Siddhartha (known as Shakyamuni Buddha) in India.
Master Ryuho Okawa is the reincarnation of the highly revered Shakyamuni Buddha. Whilst alive, Shakyamuni Buddha himself prophesized about the future Buddha, and, since ancient times, people of India passed on this prophecy from generation to generation that a future Buddha will be incarnated 2500 years later to a land in the Far East.

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