God's Three Great Inventions:
Creation of Time

God’s Invention 1: Creation of the world through will
Love is God’s wish for all beings to be good, to prosper, and to be happy. Such Will has been realized and has manifested itself in reality in different ways. God has created all things with this great love. The driving force of God’s expression of His Will is love. God is great love

God’s Invention 2: Creation of time

Time was granted for beings to exist and move, and when existence was allowed motion, the history of humankind and the history of the universe began. What is more, because existence was given time and therefore motion, growth and development were guaranteed. If time did not exist, the world would be stationary; there would be no development and no change.

God’s Invention 3: The direction of happiness or progress
God aims to achieve boundless harmony and limitless progress within infinite diversity and infinite individuality. Creating a society that only comprises a handful of people in harmony and making progress is not enough for Him. Quantitative limits do not exist in God’s mind. He wishes for an infinite increase in beings, progress, and harmony and will not be satisfied until it is achieved. As the means to this end, God created “time.”

– Master Ryuho Okawa

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