The True Stories Behind
"Let IT Be - Fear Never Ends -"

The Truth about Life and Death
You all already have souls in you. I ask you, please believe in this truth.
If you don’t have any soul, you are just a machine-like existence, so your death is just a disorder of your machine or just your emptiness in the meaning of life energy.
But I have discovered another world and the truth of the human life, and it started in 1981. This is 42 years from that time and I published more than 3,100 books regarding life and death and the world phenomena on, of course, the intelligence from heaven or hell.
Most important is to read revelations from God or Buddha, and the next is to read about the guardian spirit or guiding spirit of saints or famous people who did a lot in the history of human lives. If you have confusion in what you believe, you can make your understanding in tune with my lectures.

– From “The Possession”
by Master Ryuho Okawa

Spiritual Truth 1:

People who didn’t believe that there is life after death might not recognize that they are dead and wander the earth as ghosts.

True Story: One night, a Happy Science staff member heard knocking at the door. But no one was there, except for a few wet footprints, that disappeared soon after… Master Okawa did a spiritual reading and found that the midnight visitor was a man wandering as a ghost for two years, unaware that he had died in the tsunami that hit Japan on March 11th 2011.

Spiritual Truth 2:

People who commit suicide often become lost spirits who kill themselves over and over again. They thought that death would put an end to their misery, but seeing that it had not, they think they failed, and try again and again.

True Story: A Happy Science staff member working as a suicide hotline counselor experienced a very real nightmare in which a woman came falling down from his bedroom ceiling, her piercing scream clear in his ear as she fell. Master Okawa did a spiritual reading on his experience and revealed how important his work is.

More true stories and their spiritual meanings depicted in the movie: Past lives, karma, and how to rebuild your life, here in this world and in the other

What is the meaning of living in this world?

To put it simply, this third dimensional, physical world is a place where it is difficult for humans to know the Truth. It makes it more difficult to do good things, and it makes it more difficult to practice self-reflection.

In fact, one year of spiritual training in this world can be equivalent to 10 years of that in the spirit world.

In this physical world, there are both good and bad. We live with a physical body and are surrounded by physical objects that we must make use of in order to live. In a way, it is a world where everyone is groping their way through life blindfolded.  That is why you will be able to make great progress in your spiritual training if you can discern good from evil, truth from falsehood, and beauty from ugliness in such a world. This is why humans are born into this world over and over again. There are many things to be learned here.

– From “The Laws of Hell”
by Master Ryuho Okawa

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