The Ghost Condition

“You ghosts are just stray sheep.
You can go nowhere, so you’ll return to your home.
After that, some of you, of course, will talk every day to your family, your husband or wife or children, and they feel something evil at that time, but they can do nothing for you because they cannot see you and they cannot reply to you.
No one in this world officially can teach you in this condition.
Only religion or religious people can teach you.
Now, people believe in science and they think that science will resolve everything, but it is too much for science. Science can reveal only one percent of the universe. Scientists know almost nothing about our reality.
Some scientists have also a religious belief. It’s OK, but scientists are usually bound to this world and the materialistic tools or machines, computers, or like that. But a computer cannot understand what is soul, what is another world, what is heaven and what is hell, so a computer is useless for the person who became a ghost already.”

— From “The Possession” by Master Ryuho Okawa