The Art of Influence

Effecting a change on others by changing yourself leads to the improvement of both ourselves and of those around us.

Why do we want to learn about “The Art of Influence” at a religion? In the U.S., the number of citizens who believe in God has gone down. According to research, about 80% of the nation believes in God, which is the lowest number since the research started.

We, Happy Science, are sure that religion is the most important thing in our lives. That is because religion shows us how to live our lives. We are created by God and born in this world to polish our souls. Therefore, improving our hearts and building greater character is the aim of our lives. In this book, “The Art of Influence,” the meaning of “influence” is not different from what you think it to mean. But, there is a difference in that it isn’t about having a big effect on others in order to change them. It is, instead, about how you will effect a change on others by changing yourself. This leads to the improvement of both ourselves and of those around us.

Happy Science being a new religion means that the teachings are suitable and easy to understand for modern people. For example, in the book, Master Okawa answers questions such as “How do I persuade a superior at work who is much older and refuses to accept my ideas?” and “How can I, as an employee, maintain a richness of mind even during bad economic times and overcome the hardships my business faces?”

In addition to this, the teachings from Happy Science are practical. Like other traditional religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and others, Master teaches us to “love our neighbors.” However, in Happy Science, we get to learn how to live with giving love, such as even during a career slump, times when you can’t sleep because of stress, or when dreams remain unrealized. We are able to learn how to love more deeply or how to reflect on our mind to give pure love. What is more, the teachings come directly from the Creator, Lord El Cantare. It comes from the deepest and most fundamental part of all world religions.  
“As you pore over these pages every now and then, you’ll receive the inspirations that you’ll need at that time. I hope that you will keep this book by your side throughout your life and use it as a source of power to transform yourself and contribute to the creation of Utopia in this world.”

– Master Ryuho Okawa
From Afterword of The Art of Influence
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The Art of Influence #1

Koan Contemplation Seminar

Sunday August 13th 1-2:30pm

In this Koan contemplative seminar, we’ll learn the fundamental skill needed to grow as an influential figure.
In Buddhism, there are three steps in achieving Wisdom: (1) listen to the Truth, (2) contemplate on the Truth, (3) practice the truth. By going through these steps, you’ll be able to acquire the teachings at a deep level in your soul, which then becomes a part of your new value.
Please join this seminar to become a new you who can influence more people around you so you can spread love and wisdom more and more and help create a Buddhaland Utopia.

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