Support Taiwan!

Schools and offices in Taiwan are now practicing drills to prepare for a military attack from China. The recent CCP congress shows Xi Jinping is preparing for war. Fear is making many people in Taiwan feel it could be safer to simply succumb to Beijing’s intimidation than to stand up to it.

Taiwan however, is a country of freedom, democracy and faith. Taiwan must remain an independent state. Taiwan’s triumph will be a beacon of hope to the 1.4 billion people of mainland China suffering under its totalitarian communist regime.

Please join us in raising happiness planting funds to help Happy Science Taiwan deliver “The Divine Protector – Master Salt Begins -” to more people! $1,000 from each temple will make it possible for 10,000 more people in Taiwan to see this movie!

The movie opens this weekend in Taiwan.
Already, 40,000 people have registered to see the movie.
100,000 people is not an impossible goal!

Let’s give strength to the people of Taiwan!

A message from a Taiwanese member in California:

Greetings HS Dharma Friends.
Yesterday, a message was received from Reverend Kaz Takegawa of North America informing us of the many preparations of the Taiwanese government and its people for the likelihood of the CCP aggressively taking over Taiwan. HS North America has been asked for Happiness Planting help. Please, please, please HS Dharma Friends – join me in coming together to help our very hard-working and deeply passionate HS Taiwan Devotees at this critical time here on earth with your Happiness Plantings.
Please be as generous as you are able to be. Any and all amounts of funds that you may share, will indeed be received with much, much, much gratitude. Thank you ever so much.

From a Dharma Friend who went to school and studied with many people from Taiwan, thank you ever so much!
Ms. O, L.A. HS Temple

“Prayer for Great Victory”

Special Ritual Prayer Open to All

November 18th 1pm in Hawaii (will be streamed to participants)

“”Change the way the civilization in this world is.”

These are the options coming from Heaven.
The Lord God loves everyone more than anyone else.
Therefore, add power to God, and supply energy to God.”
– Master Ryuho Okawa, The Laws of Messiah

God’s victory will mean the prevailing of Truth and a future where all people can live in peace and happiness. Anyone can join this prayer with any donation amount. It will be held on November 18th in Hawaii, where 35 years ago, Master Ryuho Okawa gave his first lecture outside of Japan, signaling the beginning of worldwide missionary work.

“You have yet to really uncover the power of prayer”
Prayer is a time when a human being, confined inside a physical body, recognizes that he or she is in fact a spiritual being connected to a multidimensional universe. When you gain the conviction that prayer does have power, that is when a physical human being can have the power to transcend the three-dimensional plane. That is why prayer can reach the past, present, and future.
I just want you to know a little bit more about the power of prayer”
-Master Ryuho Okawa

To join in on the prayer email us at: