Sharing El Cantare Belief

You might have seen us in the streets or subways
introducing Happy Science.
Why do we do it?

“I am not saying that there is only one God and none of the others are true so destroy them and their religions. I am saying that there is a Supreme God, not “only one God.”

I teach, “While it is true that many gods exist, among these gods there is one that is the leader. The name of that god is El Cantare. Through faith in El Cantare, all must be united. This is the guiding principle of a future age, and the world will operate by this guiding principle from now on.”

. . .

“This is a grand plan and we are currently standing at the very starting point of this grand plan, which may take a thousand, two thousand, or even three thousand years. I am giving teachings from the source, at the starting point of a new civilization. Although the number of people listening to my teachings is still small, I want you to realize that your mission is extremely important.”

– Master Ryuho Okawa
From “Love, Confidence, and Courage”

You might have seen us in the streets or subways introducing Happy Science. Why do we do it? Happy Science University 4th year student Yuka Yoshida explains.

El Cantare is Responsible for All Religions

“I am his (Jesus’) Father.” “I also sent Muhammad.” These are the words Master Ryuho Okawa declared in “Be Positive,” the first lecture he gave outside of Japan. He has also revealed that he had guided Shakyamuni Buddha and Moses. “I” in the above sentence is El Cantare, the God of the Earth. This means that God, who has responsibility to all religions, has come down to this world to show the right path to the human race.
“I have given you a grand mission to spread this truth,” says Master Okawa. It is a precious opportunity, a one trillionth of one trillionth of one trillionth chance, to be living in the Age of the Lord’s Descent and to be able to join this movement. That is why learning and sharing the teachings of El Cantare brings us great happiness.

Missionary Work Never Ends

Missionary work is a never ending path. In “On the Mission,” Master Okawa says, “You may not be able to see your destination, but believing that it is the right path and continuing every day with your discipline is the path to becoming a true winner in life.”
Christianity, which is the foundation of modern western civilization, took more than 300 years to be officially recognized by the Roman Empire. Despite facing persecution at that time, many Christians held on to their faith. Also, Buddhism, which shaped the Oriental civilization, took more than 200 years for it to spread to China, a neighboring nation of India. Furthermore, it took more than 1,000 years for it to be conveyed to Japan. During that time, numerous Buddhist monks gave their lives to the endeavor of grasping Buddha’s Truth. Thanks to the deep devotion and missionary work of countless believers, these religions have spread worldwide.
Happy Science is a religion that must become a world religion. Learning from history, we must also never stop deepening our love for the Lord and planting seeds of Truth.

Giving others the chance to encounter the Truth

Missionary work is necessary because we must offer more and more opportunities for people to encounter the Truth. Before we came across El Cantare Faith, that opportunity was given to us by our friends, family, and so on. Thanks to their efforts, our lives have changed for the better, and our lives are more meaningful. That is why missionary work is the same as returning this favor to others.
Missionary work is the action that gives many people this once in a blue moon chance! In the three and a half years of missionary work in New York City, about 1,400 people have received “The True Words Spoken by Buddha” prayer books and 35 of them became devotees.
Even if the people we meet through our missionary work have not joined as a member, Master Okawa once said “receiving a Happy Science booklet will give them a chance to return to heaven.”

From Resurrection Prayers to Worldwide missionary work

“Your Lord is El Cantare. If you believe in El Cantare, show your belief through action.[*]” This is Master’s ultimate wish for us disciples. The Resurrection prayer is an incredible chance to deepen our faith and love for the Lord. Missionary work is how we prove that faith and love for the Lord.
Even if we strive to convey the Truth, sometimes we fail and feel discouraged. In these times, Master encourages us by saying “Backed by this sense of mission, you must hold on to an indomitable resolve to keep on climbing (the mountain of Truth). Everyday, You must confirm this resolve.[*]” This mentality is what strengthens our missionary work spirit.

[*] From “Love, Confidence and Courage”

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We hope that you too will join us in this work to convey the mercy of El Cantare and pray for the Master’s resurrection! Join us!

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