Original Song seminar
"The Illusion of Platanus"

Discover the eyes of the Creator,
the feelings of the Creator,
that was already beginning to emerge from deep within Master Ryuho Okawa in his youth.

“By putting out movies, music, songs, and poems,
I am trying to reveal anew to you the world of beauty;
beauty in the world of truth, goodness and beauty.”

— Master Ryuho Okawa

Platanus is the genus name of a species of tree that includes the American Sycamore.

The love of the Lord God that protects Earth and governs even the universe

God sent and dispatched all kinds of people to this earth
To create different civilizations in different ages.
Caught in its currents,
People experienced both happiness and unhappiness,
And some might have drowned in the violent stream.
When the times were bad,
God worked to change those times as well.
There were many times when even God’s messengers
Died in misery.
But through it all,
Not once did God’s love ever stop flowing.

– From “The Laws of Messiah”
by Master Ryuho Okawa

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