On Love and the
Work of Angels

The Mind of God and the minds of angels as seen from the perspective of Heaven,
not from the perspective of this world

I want to talk about the mind of God and the minds of angels as seen from the perspective of Heaven, not from the perspective of this world. I hope this will give you a glimpse of the true minds of God and the angels.

I have dedicated myself to spreading God’s Truths. I know this sounds extreme. But I would not hesitate to die for the sake of the Truths. I continue my efforts every day and live each day to the fullest, so I know I could die without any regrets even if today turned out to be the last day of my life.

I serve as a voice, a mouthpiece, for Heaven’s light, wisdom, and love. I can only descend to Earth once every few millenniums. So I do not want to take this opportunity for granted. I want to spread the words of Truth to as many people as I can.

– Master Ryuho Okawa
From The Moment of Truth
Chapter Three “Angels Dispel Darkness and Spread Love”
(“Love and the Work of Angels”)

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Chapter Three of “The Moment of Truth”

In 2010, Master Ryuho Okawa traveled to Brazil to give five lectures. In his last lecture, he spoke about love and its opposite, jealousy. How jealousy was the reason for the first fallen angel, how it is the reason Hell expanded, and how jealousy can easily grow into hatred, loathing and visibly manifest as destructive acts of evil against others. But this negative emotion can be conquered. Contrary to what we think, Heaven is overwhelmingly larger than Hell. Darkness can never conquer light. When we attune our hearts to the work of angels, hatred, anger and jealousy can be swept away with the overwhelming force of goodwill and love. 

“I keep giving talks because I want you all to become angels.” “Those of you who keep walking on the path to God and the invisible world of heaven with only faith as your guide are the very people who will become angels.”
– Master Ryuho Okawa

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