New Movie Announcement:
Before the Sunset

An eighty year old man finds himself suddenly twenty years old again.
If this happened to you, how would you live your second life?

“Before the Sunset” is Master Ryuho Okawa’s latest movie, slated for theatrical release in Japan and the United States on September 29th 2023. It is a piece of visual poetry that lets us look back on our lives and reflect on our past.

Official Trailer: English Subtitles
With Executive Producer & Original Story by Ryuho Okawa and directed by Hiroshi Akabane, the director of The Divine Protector – Master Salt Begins (Nikkatsu, 2022), this movie portrays a touching story that asks us about the meaning of life and what love is.

Before the Sunset stars Masane Tsukayama as Kazunori Terasawa, an 80-year-old man who suddenly returns to a 20-year-old self and finds himself in an unfamiliar place. Hiroaki Tanaka plays the young Kazunori. Together, they bring to the screen the successes and shadows of life and the fresh flush of youth, resonating with our literary heart.

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