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"The Truth about
Spiritual Phenomena
- Life's Q&A with El Cantare -"

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"The Truth About Spiritual Phenomena: Life's Q&A with El Cantare"
by Master Ryuho Okawa

The sensitivity of modern-day people to spiritual phenomena is dropping. However, all of us have had or will experience some kind of spiritual phenomena or spiritual disturbance. So, what are they? Master Ryuho Okawa is, among many things, the world’s greatest psychic. The answers and explanations he gives are of a clarity that is not available anywhere else in this world.

These Q&A’s cover the following various spiritual phenomena and spiritual disturbances that all of us experience in our lives.

  • What are out-of-body experiences?
  • What causes nightmares and how to make them stop?
  • How to assess the credibility of inspiration?
  • How to interpret miraculous phenomena?
  • How to deal with intense emotional fluctuations and physical discomfort?

And more.

1. Understanding Spiritual Phenomena that Occur Near You (7 Q&A)
2. Freeing Yourself from Spiritual Disturbances (6 Q&A)
3. How to Overcome Spiritual Sensitivity (7 Q&A)
4. Spread the Truth and Save the People (6 Q&A)

“…If you only seek worldly success, your life can be full of suffering. But if you see life as an opportunity to gain precious spiritual experience, your world is filled with light.”
From Afterword

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