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Would you know how to deal with hellish phenomena if it happened to you?

“The only chance that people nowadays have to learn about hell is mainly through horror movies, but they do not necessarily accord with spiritual Truth or Buddha’s Truth. In a way, through horror movies, fear has been turned into a form of entertainment. So it can be said that the people working in this “fear industry” are making money by entertaining people.

Therefore, I do not necessarily think that these people are the enlightened ones who are trying to guide people in the right direction. There are countless horror movies, and although they could be considered a mixture of good and bad, I scarcely find any good ones. Too many of them can be categorized as a pile of junk.

These people can make such horror movies because many of them already have a hellish mindset. Therefore, they can relate to that world and are always full of ideas to make such movies.

Although people can portray hellish phenomena,

the issue here is that no one can give an answer as to how we should deal with them.

People today have become extremely weak at this.

— From The Laws of Hell” by Master Ryuho Okawa

Also in Spanish!

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Available May 2023