"Hints to Find Happiness"

Hints to find happiness
Hints to solve life’s workbook of problems
“Hints to Happiness” is a contemplation workshop in which you’ll be guided to meditate on a koan.
A koan is a question or statement used in Zen discipline to guide you towards enlightenment.
The aim is to learn to solve problems in life. But why do we have problems in the first place? A key to understanding this is found in understanding the value God places on learning.
“What significance does God see in learning? We can find the answer in the discovery of our individual characters. A secret lies in the fact that each one of us is learning as unique individuals – each an artwork of God’s light. Each individual soul, with its own tendencies and personality, is expected to learn under the circumstances it is placed in.”
— Master Ryuho Okawa

How many drawers of lessons have we accumulated? The quantity and quality of the lessons in those drawers are closely related to our degree of awareness and our decision-making ability. The greater this becomes, the easier it will be to solve problems that were a matter of life and death. It will also create a stability that will allow us to stand strong amidst problems, no matter what kind of troubles we are faced with. There is no limit to the extent this can be increased. (Ref: “Unshakable Mind”)

“God expects us to complete our unique workbook on our own. However, he has also provided us with a reference book to consult. Moreover, we can meet our teachers of life or people who give us clues at the right time; this may happen at home or elsewhere. They are all our mentors or teachers at that given time. So finding clues to help solve our problems is the starting point of learning.”
— Master Ryuho Okawa from The Ten Principles of El Cantare Vol II Chapter 1 “The Principle of Wisdom”

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