Happy Science Memorial Service

Send love and gratitude to departed loved ones

Message to those who have departed this world

This world is not your ultimate home. The world you enter after leaving this world is your original and ultimate home. Therefore, please know that you need to re-design your life here in this next world.

The world you have just left is not the world you truly belong to

Please open your heart and listen to your guiding spirits, angels of light, or beings like a monk or an angel. Please set aside the education you might have received in this world, or the information propagated by the mass media. Just listen to what your guides have to say with an open mind. They don’t tell you lies. They don’t deceive you. They are there to help you. “The world you have just left is not the world you truly belong to.” “Therefore, you need to shed your over-attachment to it. Otherwise, you won’t be happy here in this next world.” These are the truths you need to know.

This world is a transient world, and the other world is the real world. Now that you have returned to the real world, there is nothing to regret. The true purpose of your life is to pursue happiness in the other world. The only reason for you to come to this world is to train your soul for several decades in your physical body. I would like you to accept this truth.

Start anew and aim toward fulfilling your life in the other world

As you are now back to the place where you truly belong, I encourage you to start anew and aim toward fulfilling your life in the other world. People you have left behind will join you in a few years or decades. Everyone will go through a similar experience in turn. No one will remain in this world for good. If you are angry that your life in this world was suddenly terminated, you would stand to lose. You would agonize over something inevitable. If you hold a grudge against somebody or something, it would be you who suffer from that grudge. Therefore, it is important for you to rid yourself of anger.

If you feel lost as a result of your ignorance about God’s Truth, I hope you are humble enough to consider your mistake now. If you have had a prejudice against religion, or, ridiculed, scorned, derided, or ill-treated people who tried to tell you about God’s Truth or pass out their monthly publication, I hope you grasp this chance to repent. You have made the mistake of misunderstanding the people who approached you in good faith. If you admit your mistake and feel sorry, then you will begin to be saved. It means that angels will start working to save your soul.

Let me now talk about how an excessive self-pride may interfere with your transition to the other world. I sincerely hope that departed souls remember these simple points. As angels begin to work on saving these souls, I hope these souls let go of their suspicions and open their heart to what the angels have to say.

– By Master Ryuho Okawa
from On How the Soul is Saved

Happy Science Memorial Service

Happy Science Memorial Services held three times a year are opportunities to pray for loved ones who have left this earth before us and send them our love and gratitude.

As you can see from the excerpt above, death is not the end. Our loved ones continue to live and exist in the other world.

We often go through life unaware of how much others love us and have loved us. We also regret not being able to show enough of our love. Happy Science memorial services are a precious opportunity to send your love and gratitude with a full and clear understanding of what life in the other world is like. Expressing gratitude to our loved ones in the other world brings them encouragement and happiness.

Furthermore, it is an opportunity to extend Lord El Cantare’s salvation if they are lost and have not been able to return to Heaven. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to share with them the name of the Creator, Lord El Cantare, which has been revealed for the first time, and His precious teachings.

The Prayers:

“Buddha’s Teaching: Sutra for Our Ancestors”

  • This kigan (ritual prayer) is the primary sutra for the salvation of our ancestors. Through this prayer, the souls in the spirit world can be saved by being guided to the three treasures that are Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and to the practice of The Principles of Happiness – Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection and Progress.

  • This is recommended to all participants to express their gratitude, love and extend salvation to their loved ones, family, relatives and ancestors.

“Buddha’s Teaching: Sutra for Departed Children”

  • This kigan is to extend Buddha’s salvation to children who died too young to be able to understand Buddha’s Truth.

  • Recommended to those who lost a very young child, had a miscarriage, stillbirth, or had an abortion.

“Prayer for Sending Love to the Deceased”

  • This prayer is to deliver love and your wish of eternal happiness for those departed souls whom we loved and miss.

  • Recommended to those who have lost a beloved or someone very important to them, and wish to send the love and light of Lord El Cantare to them.

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