Happy Science Discipleship Course

Step-by-step to your spiritual growth

We are pleased to announce this special training program for lay believers of Happy Science.
This is a series of seminars designed to meet your needs to become an expert in life, and bring you happiness, success and fulfillment.
Master Ryuho Okawa’s teachings have touched the hearts of people of all nationalities, cultures, and faiths. His modern and universal teachings have had a positive influence on all areas of life and society.
Whether you are a curious seeker of Truth, or eager to solve life’s challenges and become a doctor of the soul, this is the right course for you.
Delivered in a clear, step-by-step manner, Happy Science Discipleship Course helps you make great leaps in your boundless potential. Enjoy this beautiful journey!

Comments from past participants:
“It’s easy to understand. Such a nice program.”
“I could become a better person, thank you!”
“I decided to become a devotee and keep learning this good teaching.”
“I want to a become a lay lecturer and host meetings.”


Many people today believe they are seeking happiness, yet their efforts only make them more and more unhappy.

There are numerous ways to become happy, but the kind of happiness that Happy Science is teaching is not simply to enjoy yourself in this world. It is a joy that carries over from this world to the next.

In view of this, the theme of Basic Course is Faith and The Principles of Happiness. This is a 2 hour seminar which can be divided into parts. The contents include faith in Lord God El Cantare, a religious life, the principles of happiness, and fulfilling your mission in life.

All new members are recommended to take this course to gain a basic understanding of Happy Science teachings.


• Become a member of Happy Science
• Attend the whole Basic Course Seminar • Pass a take-home open-book test
• Open to anyone, including non-members


Master Okawa teaches us that “life is a workbook of problems to be solved.” The number of lessons you master in a single lifetime determines whether or not your life has been successful.

Therefore, the theme of Intermediate Course is to “solve your life’s problems.” This is a 2 hour seminar which can be divided into parts. Through this seminar, you will expand your knowledge and gain the strength to solve a wide range of life’s problems.

You will learn self-responsibility and self-transformation based on the spiritual view of life, discovery of your Buddha-nature, the meaning of struggles in this life, and harmonizing human relationships. Through learning how to solve your challenges, you will learn how to help others.


• Member with Basic Level Certificate
• Attend the whole Intermediate Seminar
• Pass a test and written report, read reference books • Open to anyone, including non-members


The true purpose of life is not simply your own individual happiness, but it is also to bring happiness to others, and contribute towards creating an ideal world on earth.

The aim of this lifetime is to become a Bodhisattva or Angel of Light through undergoing different experiences and expanding the circle of happiness.

Therefore, the theme of Advanced Course will be missionary work and salvation. You will be deeply inspired to take altruistic action for the happiness of others. This is a 2 hour seminar which can be divided into parts.


• Devotee with Intermediate Course Certification
• Attend the whole Advanced Course Seminar
• Participate in Missionary Work
• Pass a test and written report, read reference books


There are many theories of success that deal only with worldly matters, but you must set your sights on being truly successful in both this world and the other world. True success is to return to the glorious world of Bodhisattvas or Angels of Light.

The world of Bodhisattvas or Angels of Light revolves around teaching and guiding others. To nurture potential angels like you, the theme of the Lay Lecturer Course is “Doctor of the Mind” and lecture practice. This is a 2 hour seminar which can be divided into parts. You will learn the skills to be a lay lecturer and guide others.


• Devotee with Advanced Course Certification
• Pass an essay assignment, read reference books • Receive Gohonzon
• Recommendation from Temple Manager


Contact your local Temple to begin your Discipleship Course


• Courses are available throughout the year.
• Those who simply wish to study the course without receiving certification are also welcome.
• Past participants are welcome to study again as a review and re-energizer.