Commemorating the
Day of Resurrection

One Hundred Billion Years of History

One hundred billion years ago,
When I desired to create and design the universe,
These were my thoughts.

O, humankind!
Seek infinite growth.
All beings,
Do not be weak of heart.
I will bestow upon you arduous trials
In order to make you even greater people.
To make iron sand into steel
Requires intense refining by flame,
Intense refining by water,
And intense refining by hammer.
These trials, I will bestow upon you.
But I say unto you,
Be strong!
Undergo infinite training.
Be infinitely beautiful.
Be infinitely good.

– From “The Eternal Buddha”
By Master Ryuho Okawa

Sunday May 14th

This Sunday, we will be listening to Master Ryuho Okawa’s original song, “The Wish of El Cantare,” to understand the Creator, Lord El Cantare’s, great love and mercy.

Then, we will commemorate Master Okawa’s resurrection in 2004, when he made up his mind to lay down his life and be a Savior in addition to being the Real Buddha.
It will be followed by two special ritual prayers available only this day:

“Prayer for New Resurrection –Special Spiritual Guidance by God Ophealis–” & “Prayer to Regenerate Function”

Please join us in person at the temple!

Sunday May 14th from 1-3pm