Art of Influence Koan Contemplation #5

Master Ryuho Okawa's 100 Healing Messages of Light to comfort and heal those going through any illness,
whether they are in bed at home or in the hospital.

“Your environment will change as your ability changes”

“Your surroundings change when your abilities change. Not only does your ability change as your environment changes, but as your ability changes, your environment will change as well.This may be unexpected, but it is an extremely important point. The weaker you are, the more reliant you are on your environment. Indeed, many things do improve as a result of your environment improving. It’s natural that your business will benefit if the overall economy improves. It’s a natural process. There are plenty of things that can get better if the environment changes.

But it’s not easy to change the environment in reality. This is because the environment itself is created by the power and structure of a very large number of people. You can’t change everything just to make things more convenient for your life or for your work.

Relying solely on environmental changes is not the royal road.

It’s the same with marriage and divorce. There are many people who do well after getting a divorce. But it is not good to repeat a divorce just because things suddenly don’t go well. It will cause emotional damage to yourself every time you get divorced and you will actually experience many losses.

So, it’s important to think deeply to discover what can be changed in your present situation.

“The Art of Influence”
by Master Ryuho Okawa

Art of Influence

Koan Contemplation Seminar #5

This kyouten (book) “The Art of Influence” is a source of inspiration and tips to transform yourself and contribute to the creation of Utopia in this world. In this seminar, we will study the teachings that will be the tips for each of us in our lives through contemplating on each Koan.

This Sunday, we will be focusing on the principle of self-responsibility (accountability). Living without excuses is the royal road of happiness and the sure-fire way of solving your problems. Through the deep KOAN (words of wisdom for contemplation) we will receive from the Lord, we will find hints on how to resolve any issues we may be facing in our lives through quiet meditation.

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