Become a Person of Deep Love

Lecture on "Prayer to Become a Person of Deep Love."
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Master Ryuho Okawa reveals the Truth that each of us are children of Light, a part of the infinite and boundless energy that is Lord El Cantare, the Creator. This energy is the energy that loves and nurtures people, and envelopes the Earth. The goal of life, our spiritual training, is to bring out that love from within us, discover love’s different facets within ourselves, refine them, and allow them to shine beautifully.

But when we forget that our soul has been given eternal life, when think we live only one life, egotism arises. The belief that we will end up as dust and ashes after some decades of earthly life causes us to become self-centered, asserting our egos. This self-centered view distinguishes the self from others and, as a result, bring pain and sorrow.

Why do we try to control others, rule over them, or use them to satisfy our own desires? Why do we speak ill of them? Is it because we feel we’re unable to control others, or make them think and behave as we would like? When we complain about someone, is it because we have failed to make that person think or feel in the way we want them to? And when we bring others down, is it not in the hope of raising our own standing higher? Master Okawa points out that all negative emotions such as dissatisfaction, worry, anger and jealousy have their roots in the belief that human life is limited to this world. So, it is necessary first of all to know that life is eternal.

Secondly, when we think we are separate from others, we become trapped in a whirlpool of loneliness. The only way to be free of this obstruction is to have a willingness to make others happy. Jealousy, fear, suspicion, abuse, complaints, pain and sorrow all come to the fore when we lock ourselves in a cage of sorrow, a lonely world where people never give to each other.

These obstacles arise because while on Earth, we each live in a physical body. This physical body is an important vehicle for the soul to undergo soul training on this physical plane, but it presents obstacles. How can we overcome these obstacles to love? One important way is to support the transmission of God’s Will. Understanding God’s Will, or Truth, serves to remove the obstacles to an understanding of others. By studying and conveying the Truth, we will be able to break through any walls that separate the self from others and prevent mutual understanding.

“Love is the power to nurture one another, without differentiating between the self and others.”
“Love embodies selflessness and the wish to be of service, without expecting anything in return.”

Master Okawa says, “We should aim to achieve a state of mind where we can experience the happiness of others as if it were our own.” If you were honest with yourself, you would know how daunting this calling is! Most of us spend most, if not all, of our time thinking about ourselves. But that is why Master Okawa gives us prayers, prayers to pray to become a person who feels living for other’s happiness is their happiness; prayers to become a person of deep love.

Text by: Eri Inazato
Reference: “Lecture on “The Origin of Love”
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Lecture on “Prayer to Become a Person of Deep Love”

(Lecture video is 25 minutes)

Listen to Master Okawa speak about the real cause of our mistakes that hurt and harm others, the perils we can encounter that can persuade us to choose self-preservation over love, and how to keep to the narrow, straight, white path towards becoming a person of deep love.

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