2023 Happy Science North America Leader's Conference

Nov 4 - 5 2023 at Happy Science Los Angeles

2023 Happy Science North America Leader’s Conference

“Removing the Rust from Your Mind”
Saturday Nov 4 – Sunday Nov 5th

This is the year’s biggest event. Happy Science leader members from across the continent will gather in Los Angeles to become more powerful and purer in their love for Lord El Cantare, Master Ryuho Okawa, push forward the Mission.

As Master Okawa says in Chapter Five of “The Laws of Hell,”

“Please do as much as you can in your given time.”

We will take the seminar “Removing the Rust from Your Mind” to shed our old selves and bring out a purer, more transparent self that has stronger faith in Lord El Cantare. The more we become one with El Cantare, the more we will know and act on our mission. Let us become powerful believers and missionaries who can make the Lord’s Resurrection happen, and change the future of this continent and of the world to the one that the Lord envisions.
Lecturer: Kevin Luke, Hawaii Temple

Kevin has long been protecting the holy environment that is Happy Science Hawaii Shoja. His passionate missionary work has lead to many neighboring residents to discover Lord El Cantare’s teachings. Before becoming a renunciant staff member at Happy Science, Kevin worked as a chef at the historic Royal Hawaiian Hotel. He brings a high level of professionalism and aesthetic sense to his work at Hawaii Shoja. Let us learn pure faith and passion for missionary work from Kevin.

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