2023 Commemoration of the Day of Conquering the Devil and Attaining Enlightenment

38 years since December 8th, 1985

Conquering the Devils and Attaining Enlightenment
December 8th

December 8th marks the anniversary of the day that Lord El Cantare, Master Ryuho Okawa overcame an all-out attack from the devils and resolved to “walk alone” as a religious professional, effectively cementing his decision to begin his work as the Buddha and Savior, Lord El Cantare.

It was 38 years ago on December 8, 1985, in Nagoya Japan, when Master Ryuho Okawa decisively cut off all attachments to this world and chose to devote himself to the path of religion.

This moment is called, “Conquering the Devils and Attaining Enlightenment,” or more accurately, “Determining to Turn the Wheel of Truth (commence preaching the Truth).” At the time, Master Okawa was 29 years old. He was in his fifth year, going into his sixth, working for an international trading company where many people were placing their hopes and trust in him and investing in him as one of their best. Quitting his job to found a religion would not only mean becoming jobless and devoid of an income, but also mean letting many people down. Master Okawa was also uncertain about his lack of know-how about establishing and developing a religious organization.

But because Master Okawa was able to overcome the doubts and make his resolve indomitable, he was able to start Happy Science at age 30 and go on to give 3,500 lectures by the time he was 66. Happy Science is now in over 100 countries. Master Okawa’s work has presented humanity with a great path of salvation.

Let us gather on this day to give our gratitude to Lord El Cantare, Master Ryuho Okawa for his unyielding resolve to bring Truth and Mercy to this world.

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“When Buddha attained enlightenment, he was confronted by an evil spirit. In the Buddhist sutras, he is referred to as Mara Papiyas, but he is also called Mara. By tempting Buddha with dancing women and food, etc. he tried to prevent Buddha from attaining his final enlightenment. Even Jesus was tormented for forty days by a demon called Beelzebub.
These “forty days” symbolizes many, many days, or an extremely long period.

I have read about it in the Bible, but I have also experienced it personally. I know how much strength these evil demons have. And I have experienced how they will hinder your way before you awaken to the truth or attain enlightenment. There is only one way to conquer Satan. To have an indomitable resolve. There is no other way. After all, these demons hope to distort our ideals, goals and intentions so as to satisfy our desires in this material world. They just want to crush our hopes. The only way to overcome this is to be indomitably resolute. There is no other way.

About six years ago, I personally came under attack for three days by Lucifer. He has tremendous power. He is nothing like a typical evil spirit. Although that is to be expected, he really has tremendous power. What’s more, when spirits in hell come, for example, we say that we feel chilly; however, when it comes to the level of Satan, he can make you feel warm as well. He is that clever. Lucifer can easily explain the theory of the Truth in about one hour. He pretends to be a high spirit and boldly preaches the truth. They are learning these things. They are learning many of these latest theories and confusing various new religions. Then these proud founders are instantly fooled. They believe that they are Tathagata (high spirits) and they underestimate the ability of evil spirits to come near them. So when they do come, they can’t recognize it.

This tricked a considerable number of people. I can tell whether the founders of new religions are affected by this kind of thing, but they themselves do not recognize it and are unable to drive it away. To have indomitable resolve is the only way that the demons will leave. When you say, “No matter what you do to interfere, I will practice and spread this truth. Regardless of what happens, I will spread the truth.” When you hold your ground strongly, nothing can beat this.

I had an extremely intense, three-day ordeal with Lucifer, but on the third day this is what I told him. “I am going to spend the next fifty years studying and preaching the truth. So, possess me if you will. You will be enlightened, too. Come along with me!” And in that instant, he just came off of me. He could not beat this. Even Satan will lose to this strong determination. This is the last line of defense. There is no other way. It’s not the spiritual powers. It’s the power of your will. It’s the power of your self-awareness as a child of God. There is nothing else.

There are many who are troubled by evil spirits, but the spirits will not leave while these people are thinking they want to be saved, become happy, or they want to escape from their troubles. No matter how much you suffer, whether you are sick or whatever, when you set forth the resolution to live as a seeker of the truth, they can no longer possess you any longer. However, if you ever feel that you are backsliding, they can come at any time. But when you cross over this last line, they can no longer possess you. Remember to have an indomitable resolve along with the idea of perseverance.”
– From, “Lecture on “Introduction to the Divine Spiritual Realm””
given August 9 th, 1987
by Master Ryuho Okawa

In order to pass down the historical meaning of “Conquering the Devils and Attaining Enlightenment” (Goma-Jodo) to future generations, “Gōma Jōdō Kan” (Hall of Conquering the Devils and Attaining Enlightenment) (former Nagoya Commemoration Hall) was opened in Nagoya on December 8th, 2020. The building is the former company dorm Master Ryuho Okawa lived in for two years while working at the trading firm. It is also where he contacted and recorded messages from high spirits in Heaven that were then published and amassed the large readership that became the first members of Happy Science.