Happiness begins with you

HAPPINESS BEGINS WITH YOU – Weekly Webinar Series at Happy Science NY

Free online workshop!

All participants will get a chance to win a free copy of “The Strong Mind”!


Have you been searching different religions and spirituality, read many books, but still feel something is off?Have you read numerous self-help books but felt the lack of faith in God?Have you been looking for a new universal religion to help you gain a peace of mind? Happy Science is the complete formula of happiness that transcends from this world to the next! Please join our Webinars every Fridays 6:30pm EST!

April 30th (Fri) 6:30pm – 7:30pm EST
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What is this workshop going to be like and what to expect? (Watch video explanation)

This is our weekly Invitation to Happiness (welcome to Happy Science) workshop.

  1. We will recite together a spiritual Sutra, entitled “The True Words Spoken by Buddha” (Watch video)
  2. We will watch an episode of our original TV program “Invitation to Happiness” (different topics every week)
  3. The event host will give a short lecture based on the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa
  4. Our guided meditation to receive Heaven’s light will follow.
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Free workshop, donations are welcome!

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