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June/July book: ‘The Unknown Stigma

The first spiritual mystery novel by Ryuho Okawa.

One early summer afternoon, an incident took place in a densely wooded park in Tokyo. Following the alarming sound of a young woman’s scream, the alleged victim was found lying with his eyes wide open and foaming at the mouth. The victim was a well-built, strong man: an off-duty Marine. There was no sign of forced trauma, nor even a drop of blood. The only forensic evidence was a small button that seemed to have come from female clothing… Later, similar mysterious murder cases occurred in three other instances. When a detective managed to connect the dots, he came across a young ascetic Catholic nun. The nun, who suffered from amnesia, believed she was bestowed a ‘cross’ from Jesus, a symbolic holy grail that empowered her to pursue her sacred mission in life.

This page-turner novel contains many twists and turns, introducing a new genre of spiritual and religious mystery.

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Jun 30 2021


Time zone: EST
6:30 pm - 7:45 pm


Happy Science New York Temple
Manhattan, New York City


Happy Science New York Temple
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