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Update: New Revelations Regarding Russia and China

Happy Science Update


Master Ryuho Okawa gave us a UFO reading, “UFO Reading – Requests from Russia – (Mikhail from Eagle One [Planet Essassani])”. What is the “request from Russia”?

Watch the movie: “Beautiful Lure”

120 minutes


Did you order it? | “Trump Shall Never Die” is available now

What was the 2020 presidential election all about? What was Mr. Trump fighting for? And what was it that he aimed to achieve during his presidency?

New Episode of Okawa Book Club

The Nine Dimensions – Unveiling the Laws of Eternity

Where do we come from and where do we go after death?

In this book, Ryuho Okawa provides in-depth explanations about the afterlife/spirit world.

Understand the afterlife and live better today.

Replay | The Grand Perspective of Exorcism
The grand perspective of exorcism isn’t easy to explain in one sentence due to its nature. Since each case of possession by evil spirits is different for each individual, we often have to think deeply why it occurred to be able to protect ourselves from negative spirits.

However, what if there is a guideline in exorcism? What if there’s a direction, like the North Star in the night sky, that will allow you to overcome the misery you or your loved one is suffering from?


Replay | Overcoming Pride & Conceit
Master Okawa has taught us in The Laws of Secret humans are always being influenced from the spiritual world. Hence, being spiritual isn’t enough. We must stay connected to the correct side of heaven.

This being said, many of the modern day people are influenced by the rear-side heaven, mainly by two groups of mystical entities “Tengu and Yoma.”These two beings are ‘good friends’ and have similar tendencies. Once you connect with these beings, they will help you succeed briefly, but since it is a progress based on self-love, that success will soon fall apart…This is the danger of Tengu and Yoma mind.