Meditation Seminar of “The Guide for the Mind” -Establish Your Faith-

This Sunday, at 1:00 PM on YouTube LIVE, Tyler will hold a meditation seminar about “The Guide for the Mind – Establish Your Faith” You can watch the lecture by clicking here:   Please join in person or watch it LIVE!

“Establish Your Faith.” What does it mean? How can we know whether we have established faith or not? In fact, even if someone regards oneself as “having deep faith,” there are some cases that its faith might be wrong from a spiritual view. Faith has many forms and differences of strength, such as “belief in God only if it brings them benefits” and “belief in God only in continuous good times.”

There are stages of faith. Master Ryuho Okawa clearly revealed the dimensional structure and hierarchy of the heavenly world and its nature.

Through meditation from, “The Guide for the Mind,” let’s think about the true meaning of establishing faith while we’re alive on earth, and what kind of self-reformation is required of us to establish faith.

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What is “Guide for the Mind”? 

The Guide for the Mind” is the written poetry from Master Ryuho Okawa for directing people’s minds. There is a new poem each month in the Happy Science monthly magazine.

Another topic: Have you seen the new series on our YouTube?:

A question: Why did we start publishing bite-sized FAQs on Happy Science New York’s YouTube?

Dylan Elmer: Well, I have been noticing a lot of our disciples asking really good questions lately. Simply put, these questions have been coming from topics of all sorts. Therefore, we can’t simply recommend one kyouten (holy book) to answer every question. 

That’s why I moved ahead with this concept. I hope a lot of unique types of questions can be answered. To get there, please feel free to request certain topics. The more unconventional the question, the more it gives me the chance to search through Master Okawa’s texts to provide the audience with teachings they may not be familiar with. Also, if you ask a question, I’m sure someone else will have had the same question in the past, but perhaps they never raised it. In that way, it has a potential to benefit everyone. 

So we hope our series can help the people on YouTube who are seeking for answers in life. Just like Buddhism, Happy Science is an open and tolerant religion, so we take the challenge to offer answers to any and all questions posed to us. So please help us spread this series by sharing it out on your social media and even encourage your friends to ask us questions. It would be a great way to help a large number of people.


Now that the month of May has flown by, let’s summon our vigor and energy to live our summer months brightly. As we do so, let’s pray for the world to recover from the damage of the pandemic and shine once again. 

Thanks for reading and El Cantare Bless!

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★Join this Sunday to reflect on the meaning of faith
Tyler will explain to us how we can be sure our faith is real.

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